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Aurora The Best of Cryptobanking



AMUNISINEWS.COM, Jakarta – The large number of banking platforms today make the world crypto increasingly bolted. Aurora  is a collection of Ethereum applications and protocols that create a decentralized banking and financial platform and Aurora can provide a sophisticated, open, and stable financial network. This is certainly available to anyone because Aurora is a global platform. And for the Aurora currency, the boreal itself is a stable digital currency and is supported by a combination of crypto reserves available to platform users based on their digital economic reputation. And IDX traders using decentralized smart contract exchanges can take advantage of boreal as a payment of trading costs or as a more stable base currency.

For the capital used by the platform itself is a decentralized capital (DC) which is a decentralized autonomous bank for blockchain.Platform lends to platform users everywhere in the form of boreals with more stable crypto in Aurora. This system is actually inspired by the implementation of a historic free banking system, and boreals are backed by a combination of reserves, loan repayment requests, and reseller support. It begins with IDEX that eventually evolves. DC itself uses a blockchain-based identity system such as uPort combined with risk assessment mechanisms to minimize the risk of failure in transactions and bring digital banking solutions to Aurora customers or users around the world.

And Aurora itself is a platform that runs independently on distributed computing networks. The advantage of boreals as currency in the platform of boreals is very suitable if used as fiat currency and with transparent nature, the user can analyze and assess the solvency of the bank and each boreal can be exchanged with eth backing it. For borrowing done the users of the platform itself will not be exposed to transfer fees so that cheaper and matching trades made through the platform will not be affected by the backlog of ethereum transactions. Not only that, by using Aurora traders and buyers will avoid theft and fraud cases because the settlement of transactions using smart contracts safely and protected.  

You should also know that IDEX is a decentralized hybrid exchange that combines real-time trading with blockchain-based security and IDEX has expanded the existing exchange technology and has created the best decentralized Ethereum-based exchange in the crypto market. By separating the trading process from the final settlement, IDEX allows the exchangers to buy and sell on an ongoing basis without waiting for the previous trade. And IDEX also combines the speed and experience of exchange platform users with the security and audit capabilities of a decentralized exchange. And IDEX is the first to accept boreals as money payment transactions.

And for traders who pay fees using boreals will receive a 5% discount on trading fees. Boreals used for expenses are priced at 1 USD per unit, regardless of current open market trading rates that encourage traders to buy boreals and act as a reasonable base currency. These traders can also use boreal as a stable base currency for trading or as a value of protection against the volatility of the crypto market. And the good news is that Aurora will move from semi-decentralized architecture to a fully decentralized architecture starting with Snowglobe, a protocol that enables decentralized exchanges to operate on shared orderbooks. And Snowglobe will serve as the backbone of the Aurora network.

More information :

Website : https://auroradao.com/

Whitepaper : https://auroradao.com/assets/Aurora-Labs-Whitepaper-V0.9.4.pdf

by : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1001016


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